Dance Heiva I Tahiti 2017 on the stageof Toata, TahitiDance Heiva I Tahiti 2017 on the stageof Toata, Tahiti
©Dance Heiva I Tahiti 2017 on the stageof Toata, Tahiti|Dimitri Heiva
Cultural heritage

Get to the heart of The Islands of Tahiti

The islands of Mana

A land steeped in tradition, you don’t just visit The Islands of Tahiti, you live and breathe them. There is an indefinable, mysterious force that is present in every one of the 118 islands. It is a blend of wisdom, history and power. That force is the Mana.

Tattoo from the Marquesas IslandTattoo from the Marquesas Island
©Tattoo from the Marquesas Island|Tahiti Tourisme
A living heritage

Immerse yourself in ma’ohi culture

Sea, sunshine and coconut trees? The Islands of Tahiti are much more than just that. Traditional mā’ohi culture will be omnipresent during your stay. A few lessons in ‘ori tahiti so that you can dance like the vahine in the traditional festival, Heiva i Tahiti. A tattoo in an ancestral design from marquesan tapa as a permanent souvenir. Visits to sacred marae with their powerful mana. Lessons in basket-weaving, tīfaifai stitching and the preparation of monoï from Tahitian ‘mamas’. In The Islands of Tahiti, culture is part of everyday life.

Our ancestral traditions


Whatever you do, don’t rush into getting a tattoo! Remember, it has to be kept out of the sun and water for a whole month! So it’s best to get your tattoo at the end of your vacation, not the beginning. Anyway, that gives you more time to learn about our ways and traditions, which will help you decide on the design that best suits you?