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A taste of the islands

Mouthwatering culinary delights

Culinary tour

Fish from the ocean or the lagoon, tropical fruit and vegetables, traditional Polynesian dishes and of course, coconut milk. But you’ll also find Chinese food and,of course, French cuisine. It’s enough to make your mouth water!

Prepared Tropical Fruit Tahiti Tourisme © Taiana Fare-BredinPrepared Tropical Fruit
©Prepared Tropical Fruit|Taiana Fare-Bredin
Mouthwatering tastes and flavors

Bon appétit : Tama'a maitai!

Unsurprisingly, in Polynesia we eat lots of fish. It is often served grilled, but equally often it’s eaten raw, as sashimi, carpaccio, Chinese raw fish and of course, with coconut milk. For meat lovers can try the poulet fāfā (chicken in spinach and coconut milk) cooked in a traditional ahimā’a earth oven. Or for a taste of home you can always get an entrecôte (rib-eye steak) with French fries at one of the food trucks.

Don’t forget to try some of the exotic fruit that you’ll find in Papeete market, and stop at one of the roadside stands for a refreshing chilled coconut water.

Enjoy the experience!

Gastronomic delights

Where’s the best place to eat typical Tahitian cuisine? If it’s Sunday, that means a traditional ma’a Tahiti (Tahitian meal), and there’s nowhere better to enjoy it than at Papeete market on a Sunday morning. A moment to savor traditional Tahitian food in a typically Tahitian atmosphere. With perhaps a glass of local  rum to help you digest!