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The garden of the Marquesas Islands

Hiva oa

Brel, Gauguin and tiki
3 h 15 min flight from Tahiti
Atuona Administrative center
surface area 320 km²
2 243 inhabitants

Hiva Oa has always been an island of artists. In the distant past, this was where sculptors created the biggest tiki in The Islands of Tahiti. And two world-famous artists, Jacques Brel and Paul Gauguin, will forever be associated with Hiva Oa. Today, local craftsmen and women carve magnificent works of art from bone and wood.

Historical Hiva Oa

The valley of Puamau and the l’ipona archeological site

Hiva Oa may owe its international fame to Gauguin and Brel but the true essence of the island can be found in the valley Puamauin the extreme north-east of the island. The renowned l’iponaarcheological site (also known as Lipona), lies at the foot of Toea, the only peak in the valley. An impressive number of ancient sculptures stand in a truly enchanted setting and include several tiki of which one, at 2.57 meters high, is the tallest tiki in The Islands of Tahiti. Lying close by is Makii Taua te Pepe, a recumbent tiki measuring 1.75 meters long and 1.20 meters high.


Getting to Hiva Oa


   Sailboat cruise

   Charter flight

   Passenger ferry


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