Aerial View of Kia Ora Hotel Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme © Holger LeueAerial View of Kia Ora Hotel Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme
©Aerial View of Kia Ora Hotel Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme|Holger Leue
The biggest atoll in Polynesia


Island of superlatives
55 min flight from Tahiti
Avatoru Administrative center
Surface area 1 640 km²
2 709 Inhabitants

The second biggest lagoon in the world, Rangiroa is an internationally renowned diving destination. The island boasts two passes brimming with sea life and two villages full of local charm.

A big piece of paradise

Rangiroa, an exceptional atoll

In the puamotu language of the Tuamotu Islands, Rangiroa means ‘great sky’. But with a lagoon the size of the island of Tahiti, it could just as accurately be called ‘great sea’. It is a unique destination full of surprises, which you’ll realize on arrival as you fly over the blue lagoon, a lagoon inside the lagoon. On the opposite coast, there’s a green lagoon. And even more unexpected, among the coconut trees close to the edge of the lagoon, there’s a vineyard! It’s the only one of its kind in the world. Just next to the island’s two villages, Avatoru and Tiputa, are the two passes in the coral reef. They are home to a biodiversity of international renown. Rangiroa has a large selection of accommodation to suit all budgets. It’s an atoll that you’ll want to visit from end to end, on land, at sea and under the waves.

Getting here

Means of transport


   Sailboat cruise

   Charter flight


The different means of transport

What to do in Rangiroa