Tahaa & Raiatea - Tahiti Tourisme © Emmanuel BouvetTahaa & Raiatea - Tahiti Tourisme © Emmanuel Bouvet
©Tahaa & Raiatea - Tahiti Tourisme © Emmanuel Bouvet
Vanilla island


A scent of the exotic
30 min crossing from Raiatea
Patio Administrative center
Surface area 88 km²
5 234 inhabitants

Accessible only by boat, the island of Taha’a is famous for one of the world’s most exotic spices, vanilla, known locally as l’or noir (black gold). The other speciality of the island is rum, to be appreciated in moderation, of course. From bay to bay, the pace is slow and the people are friendly. And for a backdrop, you have a view over Raiatea, Huahine and Bora Bora.


Vanilla, rum and medals galore

Don’t leave Taha’a without a visit to one of the cultivators of the island’s treasures, vanilla. You’ll be shown how it’s pollinated by hand and then dried in the sun for a month, so that it can develop the flavors and aromas so appreciated by the world’s top chefs.

Another important crop on the island is sugar cane. A dozen varieties are grown, but this sugar isn’t destined to sweeten your coffee. Instead it is transformed into a delicious medal-winning rum. The Island of Taha’a is also home to one of the first officially recognized organic rums.

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   Sailboat cruise

  Passenger ferry


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