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Enjoy the experience

Of a traditional Polynesian massage

Well-being and relaxation

Taurumi, more than just a massage

Reputed to ease pains and liberate energy, the traditional Polynesian massage, taurumi, is part of Tahitian culture. A moment of relaxation in the hands of an expert.


" taurumi, « tau » (place) and « rumi » (smooth out). "

Energies and senses

A taurumi is a unique experience. More than just a simple massage, it is an ancestral Polynesian tradition passed down from generation to generation. As tension is present both in the mind and the body, the taurumi concentrates on improving both your spiritual and physical well-being. The result is the liberation of the negative energy that is present deep inside you.

Using nourishing and moisturizing oils the massage focuses on the energy lines of your body. Alternating gentle and very strong pressure unties knots and relieves tension. At the end of the session, not only will you feel completely relaxed, but the world will seem a brighter place.

Natural health and beauty

Tāmanu oil, mono’i, mango butter…just three of the many natural skincare products that are used in Polynesia.

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