Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme © Stéphane Mailion PhotographyNuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme
©Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme|Stéphane Mailion Photography
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Nuku Hiva

Escape to the Land of Men
3 h 15 min flight from Tahiti
Taiohae administrative center
surface area 330 km²
3 151 inhabitants

The second biggest island after Tahiti, Nuku Hiva is a condensed version of everything you’ll find in the Marquesas Islands. Cliffs plunging into the ocean, deep green valleys, majestic waterfalls, wild horses, archeological sites, craftwork, white sandy beaches. It’s got the lot!

Vaipo waterfall at Hakaui

The highest waterfall in The Islands of Tahiti

If you haven’t seen Vaipo waterfall then you haven’t really visited Nuku Hiva. At 350m it is the highest waterfall in The Islands of Tahiti. To get there you first have to take a boat to the bay of Hakatea, and from there you penetrate deep into the Hakaui valley along the royal path. This ancient stone-laid trail takes you through forests of Tahitian chestnut trees and winds its way beneath abrupt cliff faces. A walk that’s full of surprises, including burial caves and tiki which add to its mystical atmosphere.

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