Humpback whale - Tahiti Tourisme © Grégory LecoeurHumpback whale - Tahiti Tourisme
©Humpback whale - Tahiti Tourisme|Grégory Lecoeur
Whale island


Guardian of traditions
1 h 30 min flight from Tahiti
Moerai Administrative center
surface area 32.75 km²
2 400 Inhabitants

Caves, whales, a flourishing arts and crafts sector, a rich history and a beautiful setting. Rurutu cultivates its difference from the other Austral Islands!


Unusual and mysterious

You’ll be in for a lot of surprises on the Island of Rurutu, beginning with the climate. Bracing, but not harsh, the climate on Rurutu is perfect for growing fruit and vegetables. Then there’s the geological features of the island, which include many caves and cavities, where you have to look up to see the seashells! And you’ll also be surprised by the talent of the local people, who have preserved the traditional crafts.Watch them weaving the most magnificent hats and baskets imaginable from pandanus leaves. Preserving traditions is part of the way of life in Rurutu.

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