View From Mount Hiro in Raivavae - Tahiti Tourisme © Frédéric CristolView From Mount Hiro in Raivavae - Tahiti Tourisme
©View From Mount Hiro in Raivavae - Tahiti Tourisme |Frédéric Cristol
Under the open sky


Tradition and ecology
1 h 55 min flight from Tahiti
Anatonu Administrative center
Surface area 17,90 km²
977 Inhabitants

Some say that it has the most beautiful lagoon in The Islands of Tahiti. Raivavae is a jewel that’s been preserved by its inhabitants, a garden of Eden waiting to charm everyone who visits.


A Picture postcard

Four villages and two roads, including the traversière which crosses the island to join Mount Hiro, and a lagoon sprinkled with 28 motu. Raivavae, is Bora Bora before the age of tourism. You will appreciate the peace and beauty of the islands as you settle into the local pace and discover the way of life of the inhabitants; fishing, lychee cultivation, and the traditional method of canoe construction by stitching planks of wood together. Don’t miss a visit to the laughing tiki and to the many maraedotted around the island. And twenty minutes by boat brings you tomotu Vaiamanu which means ‘swimming pool’, a name that describes it perfectly.

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