Beach of Pink Sand - Tahiti Tourisme © Lei TaoBeach of Pink Sand - Tahiti Tourisme
©Beach of Pink Sand - Tahiti Tourisme|Lei Tao
An island of pink sand


A little peace and quiet
55 min flight from Tahiti
Tuherahera Administrative center
Surface area 20 km²
560 Inhabitants

A beach of pink sand! A lagoon brimming with fish! An island of exotic birds! Manta rays to swim with! If paradise really does exist, then it’s probably something like Tikehau. Even the name speaks of calm serenity – Tikehau means «in search of peace».

A beautiful escape, Tikehau

Tikehau, life in the pink and blue

Just 55 minutes from Tahiti, welcome to Tikehau, a unique, authentic and peaceful atoll in the Tuamotu Islands. Welcome to another world. A world where the beaches are pink and the lagoon has a greater concentration of fish than anywhere else in the Tuamotu Islands – Commander Cousteau said so himself. A world where the reef with its coral ‘cliffs’ would have delighted Robinson Crusoe. A world where birds find a safe haven and the lagoon is a perfect oval. A world where a welcome awaits you, Tikehau !

How to get here

The different means of transport


   Sailboat cruise

   Charter flight


The different means of transport


The best of Tikehau