Lychee in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme © Léa ParizotLychee in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme
©Lychee in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme |Léa Parizot
The island of abundance


The fertile island
1 h 40 min flight from Tahiti
Mataura Administrative center
Surface area 45 km²
2 300 Inhabitants

Tubuai is known as the breadbasket of The Islands of Tahiti. But don’t go looking for wheatfields, because the crops of Tubuai are fruit and vegetables. Carottes, lychees, potatoes…almost anything grows! Mother nature is kind to Tubuai, she even makes the wind blow strongly enough for kite surfers to have the time of their lives on the beautiful shallow lagoon.

The forgotten island


Welcome to Tubuai. Does the name sound familiar? Perhaps that’s because Tubuai was where Christian Fletcher and his fellow mutineers from the Bounty tried to settle, without success, in 1789. The reconstructed Fort George will help you visualize the events of that incredible story. Today, Tubuai is a very calm and discrete island, despite being a veritable jewel of the Austral Islands. There are many hiking trails on the island, including Mount Taitaa, which culminates at 422 meters. The immense lagoon is teeming with fish and is a paradise for divers and kite surfers. And to get even further away from it all, there are eight motu on the lagoon, each with a perfect white sandy beach waiting for a Robinson Crusoe.

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