Scenic View of Mangareva - Tahiti Tourisme © Asf AlesimediaScenic View of Mangareva - Tahiti Tourisme
©Scenic View of Mangareva - Tahiti Tourisme|Asf Alesimedia
Voyage in time


The heart of the Gambier Islands
3 h 40 flight from Tahiti
Rikitea Administrative center
Total area 140 km²
1 592 Inhabitants

It’s a long, long way to Mangareva! You will have a flight of less than four hours  from Tahiti followed by a 45 minute boat crossing before you finally set foot on the island. But it’s worth every minute of it! Mangareva is a voyage back in time.

The island of pearls and nacre


If you take a drive round the island of Mangareva you’ll come across an ancient convent, churches, a mausoleum and many other traces of the island’s past. In Rikitea, the main village, you can visit the magnificent Saint-Michel Cathedral which is a real treasure both inside and out. There are challenging hikes from Mount Duff to Mount Mokoto, with splendid views over the lagoon. Pearl farms cultivate pearls all round the island and the mother-of-pearl nacre is engraved and sculpted like nowhere else. So make room in your bags for some souvenirs!

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