Wall of Sharks in Fakarava - Tahiti Tourisme © Grégory LecoeurWall of Sharks in Fakarava - Tahiti Tourisme
©Wall of Sharks in Fakarava - Tahiti Tourisme|Grégory Lecoeur
The Tuamotu Islands


A biosphere reserve
1 h 10 min flight From Tahiti
Rotoava Administrative center
Surface area 1 121 km²
855 Inhabitants

Fakarava is a dream destination for lovers of sailing and scuba diving. Together with six other atolls, it has been classed as a biosphere reserve by Unesco and is an example of nature at its most beautiful.

Veritable pearl

Lots of life

Fakarava is the realm of sea mammals and divers are its loyal subjects. A wall of sharks, a coral fall-off, sea turtles, barracudas… the two passes are teeming with sea life. But nature is equally generous on land, too. Pandanus trees, the kofai, (the red flamboyant of the Tuamotu Islands) and breadfruit trees, whose sap was used in days gone by as a caulk to seal the joints in canoes. However, the true splendor of Fakarava is in the colors; a palette of blues, greens and dazzling whites, which the artist Matisse spent his life trying to reproduce.

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