Huahine Ile Sauvage Tahiti Tourisme BurHuahine Ile Sauvage Tahiti Tourisme Bur
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"The Island of Women”


Huahine, untamed beauty
40 min flight from Tahiti
Fare Administrative center
Surface area 75 km²
6 313 inhabitants

Known as the « island of women », Huahine certainly has a seductive natural beauty. Authentic, secret, discreet, you’re sure to fall for her charms.

Natural beauty

Sights and sites

A little geography to begin with. Huahine is in fact not one, but two islands are joined together by a narrow sandspit at low tide. Iti means small in Tahitian and Nui means big, so Huahine Iti is the smaller island and Huahine Nui the bigger one. The two islands live together in perfect harmony in their shared turquoise lagoon. It is an extremely friendly place and you will be greeted with nods and smiles by the locals as you visit their archeological sites and marae. Don’t forget to see the giant eels at Faie with their blue eyes, but be careful, they’re sacred! Huahine, is Polynesia at its most authentic.

Practical information

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   Sailboat cruise

   Charter flight

   Passenger ferry


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