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©Pihiti Tahiti Tourisme |Tuihani Heiarii
Marquesas Islands

Ua Huka

That’s a pihiti!
4 h flight from Tahiti
Vaipaee administrative center
surface area 83.4 km²
674 inhabitants

Remember to bring a pair of binoculars when you visit Ua Huka. You’ll need them for observing the magnificent blue plumage of the pihiti (ultramarine lorikeet) and many other exotic birds.

Exploring Ua Huka

Arboretum and museums

The smallest of the northern Marquesas Islands, Ua Huka is a place for the inquisitive and the adventurous. With two volcanoes, deep, lush-green valleys and plateaus where wild horses roam, Ua Huka is also home to the arboretum of Papuakeikaha where you’ll find the largest collection of citrus fruit trees in the world. The island has a surprising total of five small museums in various villages and on archeological sites. The speciality of the island is tapa, a cloth made from the beaten bark of the paper mulberry tree.


Getting to Ua Huka


   Charter flight

   Sailboat cruise



The different means of transport