Ua Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme © Bertrand Duquenne Ad Hoc PresetUa Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme
©Ua Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme|Bertrand Duquenne Ad Hoc Preset
Island of the flower stone

Ua Pou

Natural splendor
4 h flight from Tahiti
Hakahau administrative center
surface area 106 km²
2 295 inhabitants

There are only a few ways to get to Ua Pou: by airplane, helicopter or by boat. Once you’re there, don’t miss the two things that make the island unique: the beautiful ‘flowerstone and the imposing volcanic pillars.

Ua Pou

The valley of kings and the bay of sharks

Take the time to explore Ua Pou. Discover the volcanic pillars, the valley of kings in Hakamoui and the other mysterious archeological sites.

Would you swim in a bay of sharks? The water is so clear that you can see their shadows from afar! On Hohoi beach, you’ll meet sculptors who are collecting pieces of flower stone, a beautiful rock with a natural flower pattern in it. You can admire (and buy) their creations at the craft workshop in the main village of Hakahau.


Getting to Ua Pou



   Charter flight


   Sailboat cruise

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