Tahiti Ti A Mai 2021 Hei TahitiTahiti Ti A Mai 2021 Hei Tahiti
©Tahiti Ti A Mai 2021 Hei Tahiti|Stephane Mailion Photography

Traditional dance

The rhythm of the drums

Magical and spellbinding

Far from being just a traditional folk dance, the ‘ori tahiti is at the very heart of Polynesian culture. Vegetal costumes, music, traditional song, dancing… Beautiful, captivating, magical, sensual… awesome!


" Since 2017, the traditional Tahitian dance, 'ori tahiti, is classed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. "

A spectacular show

A traditional dance show should be part of any visit to The Islands of Tahiti. Most hotels put on a display of ‘ori Tahiti, sometimes with fire dancing as well, as part of a weekly ‘Polynesian’ evening. The advantage of these shows is their intimacy. You’ll be close enough to the dancers to appreciate their athleticism and grace, as you sit back and sip a cocktail or two. But don’t overdo it, they might ask you to get up and dance with them!

Dance groups put on spectacular shows throughout the year, but the most important is the Heiva, held in  Tahitieach July, where you can thrill to the rhythm of theto’ere drums as you watch dance groups from all the archipelagos in competition in Polynesia’s most important cultural festival. In August, visit the festival at the magnificent marae Arahurahu in Paea (Tahiti still), where you will really feel the mana of The Islands of Tahiti. In September, you can attend theFarerei Hagain Rangiroa to see dancers from all the nearby atolls. Then in December, it’s back to Tahiti for the Hura Tapairu, a competition for all of the island’s talented small dance groups.