Javelin Tuaro MaohiJavelin Tuaro Maohi
©Javelin Tuaro Maohi|G. Boissy Alesimedia
Have a go yourself!

Traditional sports

Strength, precision and skill

Spectacular competitions

Climbing a coconut tree, lifting a heavy stone, throwing the javelin, a fruit carrier’s race, husking coconuts…Try them for yourself – you might even be good at them!


" The name for our traditional sports is Tū’aro Mā’ohi. "

Keeping tradition alive

As well as being very popular, traditional sports are an integral part of Polynesian culture and a reflection of the daily life of the Polynesian ancestors. In Anaa, in the Tuamotu Islands, all the youngsters learn how to throw the javelin so that it pierces a coconut on a pole 9.50 meters high. Technically a very difficult exploit requiring precision and skill. The inhabitants of  Rurutu are specialists in stone lifting – some of them can raise a 150 kg stone onto their shoulders in a couple of seconds.

Husking coconuts, fruit carrier races, climbing a coconut tree or sailing canoe races are also traditional sports. Try climbing a coconut tree yourself. The idea is to get to the top faster than anyone else, but it takes strength and skill. A little tip: it’s easier if you choose a coconut tree that grows at an angle, not straight up.


Try it yourself

Have a go at husking coconuts, cutting the meat (coprah) from the shell, stone lifting, canoe sailing, or even...