The River Papeno'o in Tahiti © Tahiti TourismeThe River Papeno'o in Tahiti
©The River Papeno'o in Tahiti|Tahiti Tourisme
Cooling off

Cool, clear water

The lagoon, the ocean, the river…

It gets hot in The Islands of Tahiti and you often need somewhere to cool off. But where is the best place to go? A dip in the refreshing water of a river, an invigorating shower under a waterfall, a swim in the warm turquoise waters of the lagoon or a dive in the ocean? If you want to cool off, just take a plunge!

Beach of Pink Sand - Tahiti Tourisme © Lei TaoBeach of Pink Sand - Tahiti Tourisme
©Beach of Pink Sand - Tahiti Tourisme|Lei Tao
The Society, Tuamotu, Gambier, Marquesas, and Austral Islands

Total immersion

Swimming costume obligatory – bathing strictly encouraged. So pick up your beach towel, apply a little eco-friendly suntan cream, and dive in! Sink into the clear energizing water of the river Papenoo in Tahiti. Frolic in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Float lazily in the transparent water of the lagoon.

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