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Polynesian tattooing

A tradition etched in ink

An ancestral art

Some like to take home a pearl as a reminder of their stay in Tahiti, others choose to have a permanent souvenir of their voyage. Tātau, the art of Polynesian tattooing.


" In the Marquesas Islands we call it "Te patutiki enana", Marquesas tattooing."

Ready for a tattoo?

If you’ve decided on a tattoo, then chances are you’ll get one with a Marquesan design. They are by far the most popular, probably because, unlike the other islands where it was banned by the missionaries, tattooing never completely disappeared in the Marquesas Islands, Today, tattoos have gained a worldwide popularity which has contributed to the renaissance of Polynesian culture.

Polynesian tattooing is an ancestral art and a traditional practice with its own rules and codes. Formerly carried out using a percussion beater and a bone comb, tattooing is now done in special studios employing modern equipment. Even so, it still hurts! However, a tattoo is a work of art that you’ll have forever, so it’s worth a little discomfort!


The art of tattooing

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