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Member of Tahiti Tourisme


Being a Member of Tahiti Tourisme is above all a commitment! By joining this program, local professionals assist in the development of the tourist industry in Polynesia.

Jean-Marc Mocellin

We would like all local professionals in the Polynesian tourist industry to join us.


Becoming a Member of Tahiti Tourisme

As a Member of Tahiti Tourisme you have the right to attend the General Assembly, take part in discussions and participate in votes. The General Assembly is responsible for ratifying the accounts, establishing the budget for the coming year, fixing annual membership fees and approving the promotional strategy of the Economic Interest Group.

Members of Tahiti Tourisme receive all documents relating to plans of action for the coming year as well as documents relating to the budget.

At the General Assembly members can nominate, renew or revoke administrators and adopt or modify the statutes of the Group. The General Assembly also receives a report on the activity and status of the Group for the previous financial year.

On becoming a Member of Tahiti Tourisme, you will be eligible to be a candidate for the position of administrator in future elections and thus have a seat on the board of directors.

Membership is available to any individual or sole proprietor in French Polynesia who exercises an economic activity which contributes to the development of the territory’s tourist industry.