Hiva Oa Smiling Tiki © Tahiti TourismeHiva Oa Smiling Tiki Tahiti Tourisme
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What to do in Hiva Oa ?

A slice of history !

Spoilt for choice

The second biggest of the Marquesas Islands has so much to offer that you’ll be spoilt for choice of what to do next! Scuba diving with the only dive center in the archipelago, hiking, horseback riding and lots and lots of history. All this and more awaits you in Hiva Oa.

Hiva Oa Horseback Riding © Tahiti TourismeHiva Oa Horseback Riding Tahiti Tourisme
©Hiva Oa Horseback Riding Tahiti Tourisme|Tahiti Tourisme
Pilgrimage to Atuona

The heritage of Gauguin and Brel

Hiva Oa is where two world-famous artists chose to spend their final years. The graves of Jacques Brel and Paul Gauguin can be found in the same cemetery at the top of the village of  Atuona. At the Paul Gauguin cultural center you can see several reproductions of the artist’s work and his house, the Maison du Jouir, has been restored to its original state when Gauguin lived there. Jacques Brel also left many traces of his passage on the island, of which the most imposing and most representative is surely his much-loved airplane, Jojo.