Akatea Bay, Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme © Bertrand DuquenneAkatea Bay, Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme
©Akatea Bay, Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme| Bertrand Duquenne
What to do in Nuku Hiva

Immersion in Marquesan culture

The heart of the Marquesas Islands

Hiking, quad excursion, boat trips and even paragliding. You’ll be spoilt for choice of ways to explore the beautiful natural scenery of Nuku Hiva. And while you’re there, you can learn to sculpt from local craftsmen and women, who will also explain the significance of the signs used in tattooing.

Sacred Heart Church at Hatiheu Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme © G.boissy AlesimediaSacred Heart Church at Hatiheu Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme
©Sacred Heart Church at Hatiheu Nuku Hiva - Tahiti Tourisme|G. Boissy Alesimedia
A choice of excursions

Culture and sport

An excursion is an excellent way to discover Nuku Hiva, whether in an ATV or by boat. There are tours which last for just a morning and others which take the whole day. The village of Taiohae is easy to get to and you’ll have an instructive encounter with local craftsmen and women. Or you can take a cultural excursion in an ATV to the valley of Hatiheu in the north of the island, then follow in the footsteps of Herman Melville in the valley of Taipivai. A journey back in time with tikias traveling companions. For something more adventurous, discover the peaks and cliffs in the valley of Aakapa.

Lazing on the white sandy beach

The beach at Anaho