Panoramic View of Ua Huka © Tahiti TourismePanoramic View of Ua Huka Tahiti Tourisme
©Panoramic View of Ua Huka Tahiti Tourisme|Tahiti Tourisme

Three days in Ua Huka

Ua Huka, back to nature

Sometimes visible from Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka has some of the driest and wildest countryside in the Marquesas Islands. Desert-like plateaus where wild horses gallop and goats graze, a preserved natural setting, a large rocky motuUa Huka is a surprising and unique island where you feel at one with nature. To help you discover this special corner of French Polynesia, here are some suggestions for a three-day break.

Collier Ua Huka © Tahiti TourismeCollier Ua Huka © Tahiti Tourisme
©Collier Ua Huka © Tahiti Tourisme|Tahiti Tourisme

Day 1

Although Ua Huka is one of the smallest of the Marquesas Islands, it has the biggest number of museums. The most important is the musée communal et archéologique at Vaipaee on the Te Tumu site. The pieces on display include warrior spears and clubs, wooden dishes, model outrigger canoes, tiki, large totem poles, tapa beaters… An interesting insight into the island’s past.

After the museum, learn more of the island’s ancient history by visiting some of the archeological sites. Discover the petroglyphs at Vaikivi, the three superb tiki at Hane and Meiaute, the most ancient archeological site in the MarquesasIslands. On the way you’ll pass several paepae, ancient stone platforms where religious ceremonies and festivities were once held. If you go with a professional guide, he’ll be able to explain the significance and cultural importance of each of these sites.

Day 2

Ua Huka is known as the island of horses and it’s easy to see why. On the cliff tops and beaches as well as out in the fields and plains you’ll see them gallivanting and galloping around. Beginners and accomplished riders have a large choice of excursions on horseback. They all leave from Vaipaee and include treks to almost all the valleys: Hane, Haavei, Vaikivi, Hatuana, Haeokaha and Hokatu. With magnificent panoramic views over the island and the ocean, horseback riding is the best way to truly appreciate the rugged beauty of Ua Huka. More experienced and adventurous riders can take a bivouac excursion over two days – a chance to bring out the cowboy in you!

Day 3

The arboretum at Papuakeiha was created in the 1980s and spreads over 25 hectares. It contains literally hundreds of different varieties of citrus fruit trees from all over the world, including Corsica, Mexico and of course, Polynesia. Pink and yellow grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, mangoes – a gustative and olfactive wonderland! A guide will help you to identify some of the more obscure varieties.

After a morning in the orchard, spend the afternoon on the magnificent black pebble beach of the bay at Hane. The bay is home to motu Hane, a coral islet in the shape of a sugarloaf. It is a favorite beach for the locals who will be delighted to share it with you. In return, you’ll be able to sing the praises of their unique and beautiful island to them!