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Getting to Ua Huka

How to get here

Air Tahiti operates flights to Ua Huka from Nuku Hiva, 3 to 4 flights per week. Ua Huka is served on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. An additional flight, on Wednesdays, has been added for the local school holiday periods.

These flights will connect with flights to and from Papeete and will be operated by Zimex Aviation, for Air Tahiti, by aircraft Twin Otter, capacity of 15 to 17 seats. There will also be several flights per week between Ua Huka and Ua Pou (25 minutes).

The domestic airline Air Archipel provide charter flights between the Marquesas Islands.

Getting around on Ua Huka

There is a nursing station and an emergency center on the island, but there is no car hire service and there are no banks, so ensure that you arrive with an adequate amount of cash for your stay. The only cash dispensers in the Marquesas Islands are in Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa.