Ultramarine Lorikeet Ua Huka Tahiti Tourisme © Tuihani HeiariiUltramarine Lorikeet Ua Huka Tahiti Tourisme
©Ultramarine Lorikeet Ua Huka Tahiti Tourisme|Tuihani Heiarii
What to do in Ua Huka ?

Sites and sights

Guided tour

Micro-museums, an arboretum, numerous archeological sites. The inhabitants of Ua Huka like to share their knowledge with visitors and this is especially true of the island’s eco-guides who take pleasure and pride in their ornithological expertise. Observe and listen to the song of the pihiti (ultramarine lorikeet) and the pati’oti’o (Solomons monarch).

Pestles In All Their Forms © Tahiti TourismePestles In All Their Forms Tahiti Tourisme
©Pestles In All Their Forms Tahiti Tourisme|Tahiti Tourisme

Excursion to Ua Huka

By foot, horseback, car or bike

On your own or with a guide. You really should take a trip to the Island of Ua Huka. Start in the village of Hane and its little museum of the sea. It’s just one of the island’s five micro-museums, which provide a little activity in the small villages. Another of the museums is devoted to petroglyphs, but we still recommend that you go and see them in the archeological sites as well. One such site is the plateau of Vaikivi. It’s a three-hour hike, but the views are breathtaking. If you don’t feel up to walking, then you can always go there on horseback.