Child playing on Matira beach, Bora BoraChild playing on Matira beach, Bora Bora
©Child playing on Matira beach, Bora Bora|Marc Gerard Photography

Bora Bora - practical information

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It is possible even for non-residents to get married in French Polynesia thanks to the easing of official formalities. For more information, contact Bora Bora town hall. Many tourists have their weddings here and some hotels have special sites reserved for the ceremony. You can even get married underwater!

Shops are open 7h00 to 17h00 from Monday to Saturday. Some supermarkets open on Sunday mornings.

Cash dispensers can be found at the banks in Vaitape on the main island.

ATTENTION: A new series of coins has been in circulation since September 2021. As of November 30, 2022, only these new coins will be authorized. More information at