Marae of HuahineMarae of Huahine
©Marae of Huahine|Grégoire Le Bacon
History and relaxation


Such a peaceful island…

There’s a lot more to Huahine than meets the eye. Beneath that air of calm tranquility lies an island with a vast selection of activities of all kinds. Visits to historical sites, marae, bike rides, e-bike rides, scuba diving, you’ll hardly have a moment to lie on the beach and relax!

Marae HuahineMarae Huahine
©Marae Huahine
Huahine, the ever-present past

Sacred encounters

Here’s just some of what’s on offer in Huahine.

Things to do – treasures to discover. Huahine has a great number of marae, the sacred archeological sites of Polynesian culture. Perhaps the most important on the island is at Maeva in the north. But don’t limit yourself to visiting just one. And for a completely different kind of treasure, visit the musée du coquillage (seashell museum).

Things to do – experiences to have. An encounter of a very singular kind awaits you when you visit the sacred eels of Faie. Their bright blue eyes are worth a photo. You can also take a challenging hike to the belvédère, to admire the view, or go on a jet-ski tour