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Bora Bora’s little sister


Wet and dry

A picnic on a motu or on the superb Tereia Beach. A visit to the marae. A trek that really lets you stretch your legs. A close encounter with a Manta ray. The island of Maupiti is all that and more!

Close Encounters With Spotted Eagle RaysClose Encounters With Spotted Eagle Rays
©Close Encounters With Spotted Eagle Rays|Emmanuel Bouvet
Petroglyphs and legends

Traces of time gone by

In Maupiti more than anywhere else, a tour of the island is the best way to get the feel of its character. Set off by bike or on foot to explore Maupiti and its legends, such as Te Pito No Maeha’a, the belly button of the twin mountains in the north and south of the island. Stop at the petroglyphs at Haranae and at the marae of Vaihahu. Climb to the top of Mount Hotu Paraoa, where the view is simply breathtaking. And when you’ve been around the land, take to the sea. The lagoon is a giant turquoise swimming pool filled with fish and manta rays and surrounded by dazzling white sand. It’s not for nothing that Maupiti is known as Bora Bora’s little sister.


Essential Maupiti