Apetahi flower, endemic to RaiateaApetahi flower, endemic to Raiatea
©Apetahi flower, endemic to Raiatea|Lylou Chaussoy Alesimedia
What to do in Raiatea

Natural and sacred sites

Immersion in the sacred island

A flower that grows only on Mount Temehani and nowhere else in the world. The only navigable river in Polynesia. A site that is sacred to Polynesians throughout the Polynesian triangle. A shipwreck you can dive to. Raiatea is a place for unique experiences.

Sunset in RaiateaSunset in Raiatea
©Sunset in Raiatea|Audrey Svoboda
Unesco World Heritage Site

Taputapuatea, 1,000 years of ma’ohi civilisation

The mā’ohi civilization has existed for 1,000 years and the marae of Taputapuātea in the south-west of the island of Raiatea is the most sacred site in the whole Polynesian triangle. Classed as a world heritage site by Unesco, you can visit the site unaccompanied or with a guide and there are information panels to help you understand how the marae functioned. Before you leave, take the Te-Ara-Hiti-Ni’a path on the opposite side of the road. Equipped with safety barriers and wooden steps to help you climb, the path leads to a scenic viewpoint with a magnificent view over the marae, the lagoon and the islands of Huahine and Taha’a in the distance.

Raiatea underwater

Diving sites