Sailboat cruise in Taha'a lagoonSailboat cruise in Taha'a lagoon
©Sailboat cruise in Taha'a lagoon|Grégoire Le Bacon
The Island of Taha'a

Back to nature

Take a deep breath

On the island or on the lagoon, Taha’a is the ideal place for a back-to-nature holiday. Kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, bike riding, Taha’a is a breath of fresh air!

Add a little rum and some vanilla, shake well and enjoy without moderation!

Kayak on the Lagoon in Taha’aKayak on the Lagoon in Taha’a
©Kayak on the Lagoon in Taha’a|David Kirkland
The long and winding road

Round island tour

The road around the island of Taha’a meanders for 67 km, as it winds its way from bay to bay. The good news is that you can rent an e-bike, which means that you can relax a little and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

There are lots of places to visit along the way: vanilla plantations, pearl farms, scenic viewpoints… There are also two rum distilleries where you can drop in for a free tasting. To be enjoyed with moderation, otherwise the meandering road might start to zigzag even more!

For the more sedate, you can go on an excursion and let someone else do the driving while your guide helps you discover Taha’a and all its treasures.