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An "iti" treasure waiting to be discovered

Exploring Tahiti’s peninsula

A reminder of how Tahiti once was

Peaceful and natural

The peninsula is THE dream destination for nature lovers, visitors seeking authenticity and of course, surfers!


Tahiti is two islands joined by the isthmus of Taravao. The larger island is Tahiti Nui and the smaller is Tahiti iti, the peninsula

Surf, cliffs and cows...

It’s impossible to talk about the peninsula without mentioning the mythical wave of Teahupoo. So let’s go for a visit! On the way, take a break at Taiharuru, Pu’unui and Vairao, to get a taste of the untamed, and magnificent splendor of the peninsula. Then, at PK0, you can take an excursion to see the almighty “jaws” up close. It is one of the most perfect left-breaking waves in the world. But be warned, you need to be a very experienced surfer if you want to test yourself on it. This spot is home to a competition held every August, which attracts the cream of the world’s surfing talent.

But there’s much more to the peninsula than Teahupo’o. Make your way up to the plateau of Taravao and from the scenic viewpoint, you can admire a truly breathtaking view. Perfect for holiday snaps, with even a cow or two from the local herd to keep you company. You could almost be in Normandy! Then continue down towards Tautira and its black sand beach. If you’re a keen hiker, take the trek to Te Pari which runs along the foot of some imposing black cliffs. It’s best to go with an official guide.

A peninsula with something for everyone

All at sea or on dry land?

Hiking to Te Pari, relaxing on Tautira beach, surfing at Teahupo’o, or taking holiday snaps from the scenic...
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