A Food Truck At Vaipoopoo In PunaauiaA Food Truck At Vaipoopoo In Punaauia
©A Food Truck At Vaipoopoo In Punaauia|Teriitua Maoni
Eating out in Punaauia

The Food trucks at Vaipoopoo

Four food trucks, four styles

Local Style beside the sea

Impossible not to stop at one of the four food trucks in Vaipoopoo park. The atmosphere is local and friendly and the varied menus are all reasonably priced. As a bonus, you also have one of the best views in Tahiti of her sister island Moorea and the sandbank at Taapuna.


Each of the food trucks in Vaipoopoo park had to earn their spot in a blind tasting of dishes organized by the municipality.

Outdoor café atmosphere

Opened in 2019, the food trucks at Vaipoopoo are very popular with the locals of Punaauia and visitors from other parts of the island. You’re sure to find something to your taste among the four different menus, so take a seat, relax and admire the view over Moorea! If you want traditional Polynesian food, then the poisson cru (marinated raw tuna fish) comes in all its various forms. And if you feel like a change, then you can try a pizza, hamburger, salad or even a galette de sarrasin (buckwheat savory pancake).

Perfect for a daytime snack before a paddleboard session at the nearby water sports center, the food trucks at Vaipoopoo are also a pleasant place to visit in the evening. As you soak up the local atmosphere, sitting beneath the trees under strings of light and watching local children in the nearby play area, you will soon fall under the spell of this friendly, easy-going place.

Something for everyone

Varied menus

For lunch or dinner, you have the choice between the Poke bar II, the café Maeva, the Crépuscule and the...