Family Bike Ride in Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme © Hélène HavardFamily Bike Ride in Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme
©Family Bike Ride in Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme|Hélène Havard
The second biggest lagoon in the world

Rangiroa, the great sky

Blue, green and pink...

In the language of the Tuamotu Islands, Rangiroa is pronounced Ra’iroa, which means ‘great sky’. It is a reference to the size of the atoll, whose lagoon is the second largest in the world, with an exceptional fauna that you can observe from above or below the water. And remarkable as it may seem, Rangiroa is an atoll where both sugar cane and grapes are grown! Rangiroa, an atoll full of surprises.

Excursion On The Lagoon Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme © Vincent LykyExcursion On The Lagoon Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme
©Excursion On The Lagoon Rangiroa - Tahiti Tourisme|Vincent Lyky
From the lagoon to the reef

Excursions and tastings

In Rangiroa, even inexperienced divers will have the time of their life. Drifting through a pass in a tuba and mask and finding yourself swimming in the middle of an aquarium is a pretty good way to start! From excursions on the lagoon to rum or wine tastings, there’s enough to awaken all your senses. Visit the motu with pink sand, the blue lagoon, the green lagoon and the reef with its eerie lunar landscape. Take a bike ride from Avatoru to Tiputa, and visit the only vineyard in Polynesia. Afterwards, take a front row seat directly opposite the pass for the greatest show on earth, as dolphins strut their stuff in the breaking waves.

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