Beach at Tikehau - Tahiti Tourisme © Tahiti TourismeBeach at Tikehau - Tahiti Tourisme
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The beauty of nature

Tikehau, from blue lagoon to pink sand

Choose your program !

There’s so much to do in Tikehau that you’ll hardly know what to choose. So don’t – give it all a try ! Observe the birds on the motu aux oiseaux, marvel at the pink sand on the beaches, stand in awe before the legendary cliffs of coral and Hina’s bell, admire the majestic manta rays. And of course, immerse yourself in the typical easy way of life of the Tuamotu Islands.

Bird Island - Tahiti Tourisme © Lei TaoBird Island - Tahiti Tourisme
©Bird Island - Tahiti Tourisme|Lei Tao
Life in the pink

Oil, birds and manta rays

It’s not for nothing that motu Puarua is called bird island, just listen and you’ll understand why. Red-footed boobies, crested terns and brown noddies by the colony ! Take as many photos as you like, but please try not to disturb the birds. Back on the main island, you can take a tour of the coconut oil factory. The fragrant oil is used for cooking as well as for smoothing your skin.

Then take a bike or walk to the south of the atoll where you’ll find La cloche de Hina and the giant coral outcrops known as the ‘cliffs’ of Tikehau. Some of them are 12 meters high, but it’s not advisable to try to climb them, the coral is very sharp and your hands and knees won’t thank you. After all this exercise, you can cool off with a dip in the lagoon in the company of a multitude of tropical fish and the majestic manta rays. Called the “devils of the sea” they are impressive by their size, but they are actually the most gentle and curious of creatures. Afterwards, pay a visit to the island of pink sand. “La vie en rose”, Tikehau style.


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