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Tourism Fair

Residents, don’t miss the Tourism Fair!

Looking for a good deal for your next vacation? Then take a look around the Tourism Fair, Tere ‘Ai’a. Held in Papeete over three days, twice a year, the Tourism Fair is a guide to vacations in The Islands of Tahiti  for residents. Organized by Tahiti Tourisme, usually in February and September, the Tourism Fair brings together over 250 exhibitors from the five archipelagos. Dance shows and the sound of ukuleles contribute to Fair’s festive atmosphere and as soon as you arrive, you’ll feel like you’re already on vacation!

Once you start walking down the alleys and looking at all the vast choice of destinations and activities available in The Islands of Tahiti, you’ll find it difficult to make up your mind. Have a talk with some of the exhibitors, they’re sure to have special Tourism Fair offers to tell you about. Fancy a day trip to Tetiaroa by catamaran, hiking in the Marquesas Islands, or a three-day break diving in the Tuamotu Islands staying in a Tahitian Guesthouse? Or maybe you’d prefer a cultural break, visiting the marae of Taputapuātea in Raiatea, or Saint-Michel Cathedral at Rikitea in the Gambier Islands? A whale watching excursion in Tahiti or Rurutu? A weekend in an overwater bungalow in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora? So, take your time and have a good look around. You’re sure to find where you’ll be spending your next vacation!

Practical information

  • Tourism Fair held over 3 days twice a year
  • Usually the first weekend of February and September
  • Held in the capital, Papeete
  • Organized by Tahiti Tourisme
  • Accommodation (vacation rentals, guesthouses, hotels), activities, restaurants, from the 5 archipelagos
  • Special offers and deals reserved uniquely for residents
  • More than 250 stands with music and dance shows,
  • Snack bars and traditional arts and crafts
  • A taste of life in the islands