Air Tahiti - Tahiti Tourisme © Lei TaoAir Tahiti - Tahiti Tourisme
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Inter-island transport

Getting around in Polynesia

By air or by sea

There are only two ways to travel from one island to the next, by air or by sea. Flying is faster and you get a magnificent bird’s eye view of the different archipelagos. Boats, especially sailing boats, are slower, but the views as you approach the islands are worth the wait.

Ua Pou From the Ocean Tahiti TourismeUa Pou From the Ocean Tahiti Tourisme
©Ua Pou From the Ocean Tahiti Tourisme|Bertrand Duquenne
Plane, yacht, cruise, helicopter

Island hopping

Unless you can afford a private jet, you’ll fly to one of forty islands in an ATR airplane of the domestic airline, Air Tahiti. You can also travel by ferry between Tahiti and Moorea or the Leeward Islands plane. If you have time to spare, and you’re not already a passenger on one of the cruise ships based in Polynesia, you can charter a yacht, with or without a skipper. And for a more thrilling trip, you can fly to certain islands, like Ua Pou and Ua Huka, by helicopter.