Couple Hiking in TahitiCouple Hiking in Tahiti
©Couple Hiking in Tahiti|Grégoire Le Bacon
Green tourism

To the heart of nature

Short strolls or long treks

Like to go for a walk? The Islands of Tahiti aren’t just beautiful beaches and turquoise water. From a gentle promenade with the family to a long and challenging trek, it is an ideal destination for green tourism. Discover what lies beyond the beach on the high islands.

Spring water TahitiSpring water Tahiti
©Spring water Tahiti |Tahiti Tourisme
The Society, Marquesas, Gambier and Austral Islands.

Trails to explore

How about swapping your swimming costume for a pair of shorts and walking shoes? The Islands of Tahiti are a magnificent place to walk or hike. Especially the high volcanic islands. Short, well-signposted hiking trails like the Gardens of Vaipahi in Tahiti or bike trails in the Valley of Papenoo will give you some idea of the exotic plant life in The Islands of Tahiti. For some of the other, more challenging trails, you’ll need to go with a guide, like the one to the Vaipo waterfall in Nuku Hiva. But, boy is it beautiful! For completely different scenery, you can even go pot-holing in the lava tubes in Tahiti!

Free to roam

Who to hike with

In Tahiti, we advise you to go on an adventure… accompanied! Meet our hiking guides, travel the paths of The Islands of Tahiti in complete safety.