Swimming With Fish in Moorea Tahiti Tourisme © Myles McguinnessSwimming With Fish in Moorea Tahiti Tourisme
©Swimming With Fish in Moorea Tahiti Tourisme|Myles Mcguinness
Underwater exploration

Swim with the big fish

Whales, sharks, turtles etc.

Bathing beauty

One of the main reasons for the success of The Islands of Tahiti as a tourist destination is the rich and varied sealife which abounds in its waters. An aquatic wonderland!

Tourist couple

To swim with a whale and her calf,and listen to the song of her mate... a truly unique experience.

A giant aquarium

Classed as a whale and marine mammal sanctuary since 2002, The Islands of Tahiti are a giant aquarium of almost 5 million km2. You’re likely to meet a dolphin during your daily swim or spot a sea turtle when you’re out paddling your kayak. But, let’s not forget the sharks! There are about twenty different species of shark in our waters: the blacktip reef shark, the silvertip, the lemon shark… However, the most graceful and fascinating of all sea mammals is the magnificent manta ray, known to the Polynesians as the fafapiti.

Some of the dive sites are truly exceptional, such as the Unesco biosphere reserve at Fakarava. At the southern pass you can find yourself swimming in front of a “wall of sharks“. You won’t find a more breathtaking sight!

Nature and biodiversity

Observe the little fish and the big ones

There are more than a thousand different species of fish swimming in the waters of The Islands of Tahiti! Some are...