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Fun for everybody

A long, very wide board, a very long paddle and you’re on your way. Paddleboarding is a sport that’s suitable for everybody. With family, someone special, or on your own, it’s an excellent and fun way to visit the lagoon.


" Paddleboarding is also known as stand-up paddle or SUP. "

Action or relaxation

Paddleboarding is very popular at the moment in The Islands of Tahiti and you’re sure to find boards at your hotel or guesthouse and even on your catamaran. It’s a long, wide surfboard that you advance using a paddle. It’s suitable for everybody and in no time you’ll be out on the lagoon, admiring the fish and the coral. And as a bonus, it’s good for your abdominal muscles too! The wide boards are so stable that some instructors actually use them for floating yoga classes!

For more thrills, try paddleboard surfing. It’s the same principle, but you’re out in the surf, catching the waves. Physically, it’s quite demanding, and you have to have good technique. It takes one of the major difficulties out of surfing, because you don’t have to jump up to be in a standing position – you already are.


Surf the wave

Watersports are almost a religion in The Islands of Tahiti. Kayak, surf, kitesurf, foil, sailing  canoe… Just some...