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On the trail of the Lipona tiki

Hiva Oa from coast to coast

Truly impressive scenery

Non-stop photo opportunities

There’s so much to take in on the route that crosses from Atuona to the tiki of Puamau. It’s a two-hour drive, but that doesn’t include all the stops to take photos.


The Takai'i tiki is 2.57 meters tall. He was a Marquesan warrior chief.

A land of goats, cliffs and tiki!

This unforgettable day starts in the forest of Punaei, in the northeast of the island. Follow your guide to meet the very welcoming tiki of Utuka. He’ll greet you with a smile! Continue to the valley of Puamau and its famous archeological site, Lipona. Here you’ll discover the tiki of the great chief Takai’i, as well as the unique Makai’i Taua Pepe, a tiki carved horizontally.

Back in the four-wheel drive with your guide, stop off at Hanaiapa in the north of the island to admire the rock at Fatutue. Want to stretch your legs? Take the trail to Hanatekuua. It takes two hours, but you end up on the island’s very best beach! When you get back to Atuona, keep going until you reach the valley of Taaoa, where you can visit the ceremonial site of Upeke, reputed for its powerful Mana. To complete your crossing of Hiva Oa, walk to Taaoa beach and take a dip to cool off.



Tattooing, tapa, haka, the arts festival. Discover Marquesan culture.
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