Pillars of Ua Pou Tahiti Tourisme © ShutterstockPillars of Ua Pou Tahiti Tourisme
©Pillars of Ua Pou Tahiti Tourisme|Shutterstock
What to do in Ua Pou ?

Cathedral island

An exceptional setting

An ATV safari or a hike ? Explore the interior or stay on the coast ? Whichever you choose, the scenery will always be spectacular, like the imposing volcanic pillars.

Ua Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme © Bertrand Duquenne Ad Hoc PresetUa Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme
©Ua Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme|Bertrand Duquenne Ad Hoc Preset

Time to hit the trail

There are several hiking trails in Ua Pou, some in the mountains, some on the coast. Often you’ll need to be accompanied by a guide. The best-known trail is the traversière which crosses the island from Hakahau to Hakahetau and takes five hours. If you prefer a stroll to a hike, then stay on the coastal paths like the one which leads to the white sandy beach at Anahoa, to the east of Hakahau and takes about thirty minutes.


The villages of Ua Pou