Ua Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme © Bertrand Duquenne Ad Hoc PresetUa Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme
©Ua Pou Vaiehu Bay Tahiti Tourisme|Bertrand Duquenne Ad Hoc Preset
Short break

Three days in Ua Pou

Ua Pou

If you like big open spaces and plenty of thrills, then Ua Pou is the perfect island for you. To start with, even getting there is something of an adventure! You have the choice of the cargo ship Aranui 5, by helicopter or by plane, when you’ll land on the sloping airstrip at Ua Pou, which is a unique experience for trainee pilots.

Mountains and Pillars in Ua Pou Tahiti Tourisme © ShutterstockMountains and Pillars in Ua Pou Tahiti Tourisme
©Mountains and Pillars in Ua Pou Tahiti Tourisme |Shutterstock

Day 1

If you like waking, you’ll love walking here. The hills and valleys of Ua Pou are a hiker’s dream. There are many professional guides ready to take you on one of the multitude of trails, such as the pic de Poumaka, which is a four-hour trek into the very heart of Marquesan legends. Leaving from Hakahetau valley, it’s a trail for experienced hikers and can be hard going in places, so it’s not suitable for children under 10 years of age. In the Marquesas Islands, it is normal for hikers to be accompanied by a guide, not only for safety reasons, but also so that you will learn about the plant-life and hear some of the many legends for which the islands are famous. On this particular trail, you’ll be able to admire the pitons (pillars of volcanic stone) which are the pride of the local population. Their summits are sometimes obscured by clouds, but the panoramic views are always magnificent.

Day 2

Hohoi” is known for the beautiful and much sought-after flower stones on its beach, although you’ll have to search hard to find them. The excursion to this unique spot takes half a day, but can be prolonged to a full day and will then include visits to several archeological sites and the chance to meet some of the local craftsmen and women in the various valleys. You will also be taken to the historic site of tohua Mauia where religious and other ceremonies and celebrations were held in days of old. Look closely and you’ll see that some of the stones have petroglyphs carved in them.

Day 3

On the last day of your stay, take a stroll around the village of Hakahau. Visit the centre culturel agricole et artisanal. It’s divided into four sections: a craft center, the agricultural cooperative, a small museum and a library. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and local craftsmen and women will be delighted to show you the fruit of their labor. On weekdays, there is a small restaurant in the center where you can also connect to the internet – ideal for passing yachtsmen.