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Geology and hiking

Explore the many caves in Rurutu

Limestone cliffs pierced with caves

Over two dozen caves

These high cliffs pierced with over two dozen caves are a distinct geological feature of Rurutu. And each cave has its own tale to tell.

Troglodyte island

The eventful geological past of the island of Rurutu can clearly be seen in its many abrupt cliffs, pierced with caves. A lot of these caves can be visited, including ‘the Mitterand cave’, named after the French President who visited the island. With its stalactites and stalagmites, the inside of the cave is like a cathedral. It is easy to reach and you’re free to wander around inside. Your guide will tell you all the legends and tales that surround it.

Another cave you should visit is Ana Taupe’e. Situated on the side of a cliff face, you must be accompanied by a guide when you visit. It is known as the ‘the jaws of the monster’ because of its unwelcoming air. However, once inside, it is a real promontory, offering a magnificent view over the Pacific Ocean, including the visiting whales in the right season. All of the caves have their own legends and tales for you to discover, like Ana Eva, known as ‘the weeping cave’

Back to nature

A preserved island

Fields of taro, diving with whales, hiking, cycling… The island of Rurutu, naturally.
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