Dancers from the Austral Islands - Tahiti Tourisme © Grégoire Le BaconDancers from the Austral Islands - Tahiti Tourisme
©Dancers from the Austral Islands - Tahiti Tourisme|Grégoire Le Bacon
What to do in Tubuai

An island full of life

Action at sea !

You can’t get bored in Tubuai. A picnic excursion on motu Toena, deep-sea fishing, whale watching (from July to November), kitesurfing and scuba diving. Days spent on the lagoon are active, to say the least. And on land, things are just the same.

Tavana Beach in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme © Frédéric CristolTavanaBeach in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme
©TavanaBeach in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme |Frédéric Cristol

An intense experience

Perhaps not the best-known of diving destinations, Tubuai has more than a dozen sites, of which six are suitable for divers of all levels. On the island itself, walk, or go by bike to the main village of Mataura. Visit the cultural sites such as the marae, Fort George (built by the Bounty mutineers) and the hermitage of Saint-Hélène close to the village of Mahu. Discover even more of the island by climbing Mount Taitaa – you can get part of the way up in an ATV four-wheel drive. From the top, the panoramic view is absolutely breathtaking. This trail is part of the Raid Litchis (Lychee Trek), the island’s emblematic cross-country race which is held every November. Before catching the flight back, stop at the craft center to admire the tīfaifai quilts, and the woven hats and baskets.