Tavana Beach in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme © Frédéric CristolTavana Beach in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme
©Tavana Beach in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme|Frédéric Cristol

Three days in Tubuai


Tubuai doesn’t make a big song and dance about it, but it’s very much a tourist destination. Between cultural visits and sporting activities, there’s a lot to do during three days in Tubuai.

Lychee in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme © Léa ParizotLychee in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme
©Lychee in Tubuai - Tahiti Tourisme |Léa Parizot

Day 1

The Island of Tubuai has many archeological sites, but not all of them are easy to get to. Many are hidden by the lush vegetation so it’s a good idea to go on a tour with one of the island’s guides. You’ll learn the history of Tubuai and you won’t miss any of the important sites, such as the marae.

And of course, you’ll be told the tale that captivates the whole world, that of the mutiny on the Bounty. The mutineers, led by Fletcher Christian, wanted to settle on Tubuai, but the islanders wouldn’t let them. Walk along the beach at the Baie sanglante (Bloody bay) which got its name from the fierce battle that was fought there between the mutineers and the warriors of Tubuai. And visit the reconstructed Fort George, which was initially built by the Bounty mutineers themselves in 1789. The upkeep of this historic site is the work of the Association Bounty Fort George Tubuai.

Culminating at 422 meters, Mount Taitaa is the ideal place to take photos of the island, the lagoon and…yourself! The hike to the top is relatively easy and doesn’t require the services of a guide. However, it takes about three hours there and back. You climb gently through groves of guava trees and it’s only the last short stretch which is a little steep. But the panoramic 360° view is well worth that final effort. The Mount Taita trail is part of the Raid Litchis (Lychee Trek), a well-known annual sporting event for keen hikers,which is held every November.

If you don’t want to climb, then why not rent a bike and go on a tour of the island? 25km of flat road with a choice of white sandy beaches where you can stop to rest and admire the view. You’ll also pass cultivated fields of taro, carottes, potatoes, lychee trees…And you’ll discover why Tubuai is known as the island of abundance..

Day 2

Tubuai is also known for its magnificent lagoon and you’ll understand why if you take an excursion for a picnic on one of Tubuai’s eight motu. The day starts with a boat trip, which will give you time to admire the stunning colors of the lagoon and observe the different species of seabirds. Then you’ll stop at one of the islets: Motu Toena, motu Tapapa, the islet of giant clams…You’ll spend the day swimming, snorkeling, fishing for clams and lazing on the beach. And you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch of grilled fish.

Day 3

The third day will be slightly more active. There are two very popular sporting activities inTubuai, kite surfing and scuba diving. For the first, all you need is wind, and Tubuai has its share of that. Tubuai has joined the WIPA (World Island Program Austral) which promotes and develops kite surfing and other watersports in the Austral Islands. With its shallow lagoon and steady winds, it’is the perfect destination for kite surfers, windsurfers and paddle boarders.

The second activity is underwater exploration. There are few diving centers on the island, but there are more than a dozen superb sites. And, in the right season, the whales come to visit as well! Scuba diving, snorkeling, or just swimming, the crystal clear waters of the lagoon make Tubuai the ideal destination for those who love being in, or on, the water.