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An intimate and preserved setting

A day in the mystical Opunohu valley

Untamed and intoxicating

A valley steeped in history

Take a day off from the white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoon, and visit the Opunohu valley. Set off in search of the vestiges of ancient marae, admire Mount Rotui from the scenic viewpoint and get a sense of the true Mana of French Polynesia.


More than 500 religious, civil or agricultural sites have been discovered in the valley of Opunohu

Fall under the spell

Haunting, intoxicating, even bewitching, Opunohu valley possesses something that makes it unique. As you go deeper into the valley, you follow an ancestral trail leading to numerous vestiges of ancient marae. They are a reminder of the large population that once dwelt here, before the arrival of the first Europeans. The peace and quiet make their former presence even more difficult to imagine.

The best way to explore the valley is to start by visiting the ecomuseum, Fare Natura, at the entrance to the bay. Fun and instructive, it  will give you an idea of the cultural importance and biodiversity of the site. Then, by foot, mountain bike, or on horseback, take one of the many signposted trails that lead into the very heart of the valley. Go up to the scenic viewpoint from where you can appreciate the grandeur of the imposing Mount Rotui. Enjoy the uniqueness of the setting with endless fields of pineapples and forbidding banyan trees, then climb up for an exhilarating session of treetop trekking. As you look out over the trees, let yourself fall under the spell of the mystical Opunohu valley.

In the heart of the valley

Lush vegetation

Admire the magnificent plant life of the valley: ferns, Tahitian chestnuts, hibiscus, banyan trees, bamboo.
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