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Beaches, motu, swimming...

Enjoy the see in Moorea

Take the plunge

The beach is the place to be

Swim with rays, sunbathe on the island’s beaches, enjoy the clear water in Cook or ‘Opunohu bay, take an excursion to the motu by boat or kayak… There’s lots to do in the lagoon in “Moz”, as Moorea is known.


The other name for Cook bay is the bay of Paopao.

Head for the beach in "Moz"

As soon as the ferry docks, change into your swimsuit and head for the beach. But which beach? The nearby public beach at Temae,  the one at Taahiamanu in the bay of Opunohu, or Tiahura beach at Haapiti. Then there are the equally superb beaches on the motu, opposite the hotel Les Tipaniers. You can spend the day there on a picnic excursion and enjoy a delicious poisson cru au lait de coco while sitting at a table at the water’s edge. In other words, when in Moz, head for the beach!

There’s a lot to do and see in the lagoon in Moorea, but if there’s one spot you really shouldn’t miss, it’s the domain of the manta rays and blacktip sharks, opposite the hotel Les Tipaniers. It’s a long way to swim, so it’s better to hire a kayak or go there on a boat trip. The rays are friendly and inquisitive, so be patient and let them come to you. The boat trip will almost certainly take you to Papetoai as well, where you can dive down to see the famous immersed tiki.
Make the most of the lagoon when you’re in Moz.

On, in or under the water

Enjoy the lagoon

Jet-ski, kitesurf, foil, glass-bottom boat, scuba diving: enjoy Moorea above and beneath the waves.
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