Seafront PapeeteSeafront Papeete
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The capital of Tahiti


A town that looks out over the sea

Papeete, «the water container», was once the place where Tahitians would come to fill their gourds with fresh water. It is a town that looks out over the sea, but the center of Papeete is worth visiting as much as its landscaped seafront.

Seafront Promenade Mer PapeeteSeafront Promenade Mer Papeete
©Seafront Promenade Mer Papeete|Kristiyan Markov
Not to be missed

Papeete town center

Perhaps not the prettiest of towns, but Papeete does have some very pleasant areas, notably, the landscaped seafront. The quayside is a most agreeable place to stroll and stretches 1.5 kilometers from the ferry terminal to the place To’ata, where the Heiva i Tahiti (traditional song and dance festival) is held each July. A little further along is the Protestant Temple and thePaofai Gardens, where families come to picnic and relax.There are several snack bars where you can get lunch or dinner and in the evening you can also try one of the more typical food trucks at the place Vaiete. Some of Papeete’s main tourist attractions are: the cathedral, the town hall, the gardens of the Polynesian Assembly, the Presidential Palace, the pearl museum and on a Sunday morning, don’t miss Papeete Market.