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The most important marae in French Polynesia

Exploring Taputapuatea

Classified by Unesco

Birthplace of the Ma’ohi civilization

The marae of Taputapuatea in Raiatea was classified by Unesco as a world heritage site in 2017. Dedicated to Oro, the god of war, it is the most important marae in Polynesia.


A marae is a sacred site where religious and cultural ceremonies were held in Polynesia before the arrival of the first Europeans

An impressive site, and more besides...

A visit to the marae of Taputapuātea is essential in order to gain a full appreciation of Polynesian culture. In the middle of a vast clearing at PK32 in Opoa, it is directly opposite the sacred pass of Ava Mo’a. Classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2017, the marae is dedicated to the god Oro, and was the religious and cultural center in pre-colonial Polynesia.

But Taputapuatea is not simply an impressive display of archaeological remains. It is the birthplace of the Mā’ohi civilization, the heart of the Polynesian triangle and a monument of international renown. Walking around the principal marae and other marae situated in the same clearing, you cannot help but be impressed by the immensity of the site and the Mana which emanates from its sacred stones. The marae of Taputapuatea is still used today for national and international cultural gatherings and ceremonies.

An exceptional site
The marae of Taputapuatea is a site that contains several different structures. As well as the main marae, you can...
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